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Illuminating the world

AAA-LUX provide flexible high-powered LED solutions to illuminate a wide variety of areas all over the world. A network of dedicated and highly qualified partners has been established to support the end-user in answering their need for illumination and achieving maximum return from their investment.

AAA-LUX LED floodlights and lighting control management system (LCMS) are easy to operate. No additional training or knowledge is required to maximise the use of the system.

To ensure they are in the best position to advice end-users about the AAA-LUX LED solutions available and the flexibility they can provide, all AAA-LUX partners have been trained extensively.

This training includes: the technical aspects regarding the quality of light AAA-LUX floodlights produces and the luminaires used; the durability of the system and the flexibility in use of the AA-LUX luminaires and LCMS can provide.

Thanks to this extensive training program, AA-LUX Resellers are perfectly positioned to assists end-users in selecting the best AAA-LUX illumination and control options available, suggest on lighting schemes to be established and to offer advice on how the flexibility of the system can be used to achieve maximum result.

AAA-LUX Resellers and employees use their knowledge and experience regarding LED illumination technology to actively improve standards by advising associations, industry platforms and quality and training institutions.

All AAA-LUX Resellers and suppliers have to adhere to stringent procedures and protocols that AAA-LUX has established. These procedures and protocols ensure the quality, service, durability and support an end-user can expect from a leading organisation.